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Flow Characteristics of Pump-Turbine Runners With Large Blade Lean

12 April 2018

Frequent changes in the operating modes pose significant challenges in the development of a pump-turbine with high efficiency and stability. In...

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Theory and process behind the Inverse Design of Pumps

28 March 2018

The Inverse Design process, theory and application for the pump industry.

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ADT at FAN 2018

27 February 2018

Advanced Design Technology is pleased to be a part of the International Conference on Fan noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems this year...

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Download your copy of TURBO News today! 

23 January 2018

Download the latest issue of TURBO News today!

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3DLab and Optima to export geometries into desired CFD tools using TURBOdesign v6.4

11 January 2018

In TURBOdesign v6.4 3DLab - A new export of geometries capability has been added to generate and partition flow domains and facilitate the...

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New TURBOdesign Suite module for integration with STAR-CCM+

04 January 2018

TURBOdesign Link-CCM+ is a new application which allows integration of TURBOdesign Optima, TURBOdesign1, TURBOdesign 3DLab and STAR-CCM+. The new...

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M4 Generic Method for Meridional Geometry Parameterization

12 December 2017

The version 6.4 update to TURBOdesign Suite provides significant new features and functionality to enable designers to produce highly optimised...

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Introducing TURBOdesign Suite v6.4 for turbomachinery design and optimization

30 November 2017
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A Robust Mixing Plane Method and its Application in 3D Inverse Design of Transonic Turbine Stages

28 November 2017

A robust mixing plane method satisfying interface flux conservation, nonreflectivity and retaining interface flow variation; valid at all Mach...

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ADT presents TURBOdesign Technology at 14th AICFM Conference 2017

23 November 2017

Mehrdad Zangeneh (Managing Director) and Peng Wang (Turbomachinery Design Engineer) of Advanced Design Technology (ADT) attended the 14th Asian...

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