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Design High Performance Centrifugal Compressor Vaned Diffusers

03 June 2017

The design of the vaned diffuser of a centrifugal compressor is still based on a considerable amount of empiricism in its design methodology....

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Designing Optimal Fans Using TURBOdesign1 at Ebm-Papst

27 May 2017

Ebm-Papst produces  high-quality  fans  and  motors  for many  markets  such  as  heating  and  air-conditioning,  ventilation,  refrigeration,...

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Hydrodynamic Design of Pump Diffuser Using Inverse Design Method and CFD

17 May 2017

A new approach to optimizing a hydrodynamic design of pump diffuser is presented, based on a three-dimensional inverse design method and a...

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Key Advantages of 3D Inverse Design in Turbomachinery Design Process

04 May 2017

Many turbomachinery manufacturers are facing very common commercial drivers such as:

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Design of a Propeller Fan using 3D Inverse Design Method and CFD for High Efficiency and Low Aerodynamic Noise

02 May 2017

Three-dimensional inverse design method, where the 3D blade profile is designed for a specified blade loading distribution, has been applied for...

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Designing Optimal Fans Using TURBOdesign1

25 April 2017

Ebm-papst Mulfingen was founded in 1963 by Gerhard Sturm, still actively heading the company, and Heinz Ziehl.  Everything started with the...

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Design of a Box Fan Rotor Using 3D Inverse Design Method

20 April 2017

In this paper, a 3D inverse design code TURBOdesign1 is applied in a parametric way to the design of a box fan rotor, the blade geometry of an...

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Optimization of fan noise by coupling 3D inverse design and automatic optimizer

19 April 2017

In many electronic cooling applications, axial fans are coupled directly with heat sinks and this has resulted in high fan pressure rise and...

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TURBOdesign1 Optimizes Fan Design

13 April 2017

Searching for new tools to make the design process faster and more efficient? TURBOdesign1  was chosen as it was the most suitable tool for...

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Low Weight, Hight Speed Automative Fan Design by 3D Inverse Design

12 April 2017

The cooling system of modern automobiles is the subject of intense reflections to maximize efficiency and reduce the energy consumption. Large fan...

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