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Integration of TURBOdesign1 in Ansys Workbench

21 November 2017
The combination of 3D inverse design methods and Design of Experiment / Response Surface based optimization has been shown to be an extremely...
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Global TURBOdesign Symposium Highlights

13 November 2017

Advanced Design Technology (ADT) hosted their Global TURBOdesign Symposium on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th November at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury,...

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What is blade loading and how is it specified?

19 July 2017

In TURBOdesign1 the design is based on a distribution of swirl velocity or rVθ. In practice the rVθ distribution is not specified directly but...

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Supercritical CO2 compressor and turbine design using 3D inverse design

03 July 2017

There is considerable interest in Supercritical CO2 cycles for power generation as this can be used as a compact system for low temperature energy...

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e-Supercharger Compressor at ASME Turbo Expo

28 June 2017

ADT presents paper on design of e-supercharger compressor at ASME TURBO EXPO in Charlotte, NC.

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3D Inverse Design of Centrifugal Compressor Impellers with Splitter Blades

10 June 2017

In the design of centrifugal compressor impellers with splitter blades it is quite common to use the same blade shapes on the full and splitter...

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Design High Performance Centrifugal Compressor Vaned Diffusers

03 June 2017

The design of the vaned diffuser of a centrifugal compressor is still based on a considerable amount of empiricism in its design methodology....

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Designing Optimal Fans Using TURBOdesign1 at Ebm-Papst

27 May 2017

Ebm-Papst produces  high-quality  fans  and  motors  for many  markets  such  as  heating  and  air-conditioning,  ventilation,  refrigeration,...

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Hydrodynamic Design of Pump Diffuser Using Inverse Design Method and CFD

17 May 2017

A new approach to optimizing a hydrodynamic design of pump diffuser is presented, based on a three-dimensional inverse design method and a...

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Key Advantages of 3D Inverse Design in Turbomachinery Design Process

04 May 2017

Turbomachinery designers are under pressure to quickly deliver high performing designs. This challenge presents conflicting requirements such as...

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