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Introducing the major new functionalities in TURBOdesign Suite v6.2

The version 6.2 update to TURBOdesign Suite provides significant new features and functionality to enable designers to produce highly optimized designs faster than ever before.

The major new functionality included in TURBOdesign Suite 6.2 includes:

  • A new functionality to specify the variation of spanwise thickness distribution by user defined functions.
  • Significant improvements in TURBOdesign Volute with the ability to design high efficiency overhung volutes.
  • Significant new functionality in TURBOdesign WB which allows TURBOdesign1 to operate within Ansys Workbench. The new functionality enables meshing using unstructured mesh for CFD as well as setting up a complete solid model for FEA/structural analysis. In both cases the blade geometry/full model is passed on automatically to Ansys Workench and the system can be used for automatic optimization.

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Playback our webinar and see how the new features and enhancements in TURBOdesign Suite 6.2 enable turbocharger engineers to produce breakthrough high-efficiency designs faster than ever before. 

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