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e-Supercharger Compressor at ASME Turbo Expo

ADT presents paper on design of e-supercharger compressor at ASME TURBO EXPO in Charlotte, NC.



Electrically driven superchargers are key in development of efficient downsized IC engines. However, their efficient application requires a wide and stable operating range. ADT will be presenting a paper on the development of e-supercharger compressor by using 3D inverse method TURBOdesign1 ( c58-2) which increases the choke flow by 9%, reduces the stall flow by 54% and increases the stage efficiency by up to 6% as compared to  a compressor stage designed by conventional method ( c58-1), see Figure.

The paper was presented on Wednesday 28th June, https://www.asme.org/events/turbo-ex  po/program#/track/detail/203, and is available for download here.


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